Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dali, Yunnan

Erhai Hu lake near Dali, originally uploaded by Nice Logo.

In Dali we cycled round the Erhai lake, 56km on tiny ladies bikes! Was beautiful but sore. We stayed a night in a village across the lake, and took some detours through villages and fields full of all sorts of green vegetables.

Dali has loads of Cafes, and is a great place to chill and indulge. Many places had beautiful displays of fresh produce in front of the cafe, Instead of a menu you choose from the range of vegetables, fish (swimming in tanks) and meats. One place even had a live chicken outside in a bucket.

The majority of Dali's population is from the Bai minority, we tried their '3 course tea' in a Bai family guest house in Dali, Yunnan, China. In the centre of the old town girls dressed in Bai clothes pose with tourists for photos.

The older ladies would sit in 'foreigners street', which is full of bars, cafes and restaurants geared to western tourists, and push their "Jewellery", "Hashish", "Smoke".
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Hey, Hope you both had a lovely Christmas. Thanks for my Christmas video - loved it! Was great to catch up on your blog and all the things you've been up to since Chengdu. Glad you never mentioned in your blog that it was my awful singing that meant we weren't asked for a reprise! heh I'm in beautiful Boracay now and spent my first Christmas on a beach! Learned to scuba dive!! Lots of love to you both, safe and happy travels. Jackie x

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