Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chengdu, Sichuan

People's park, Chengdu, originally uploaded by Nice Logo.

Chengdu was the first Chinese 'Mega City' we had visited, and we loved it. It's laid back and very friendly, especially considering it's size and population, with great parks and brilliant public transport, so it's easy to get about.

We stayed at Sim's Cosy Guesthouse which is definetely cosy and a great place to chill. We met some nice mates there, including Jackie again, and had some top nights out.

Sichuan food is
bostin, it can be a little spicy, which I love, especially 'Ma Po Dofu' (without the pork) and the 'numbing spice'. We went to some brilliant Hot pot restaurants and the Vegetarian Hall at Wenshu Temple.

We visited the nearby Panda Breeding Centre, so cute, and The World's largest Buddha at Leshan.
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