Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas at Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Rich & Jamie, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam, originally uploaded by Nice Logo.

We arrived in Nha Trang early, after a night bus from Hoi An. Jamie and I heroically offered to look after the bags, sitting at a roadside café, whilst the girls found us a place to stay. We had some great Vietnamese Coffee and Cheese baguettes. The girls took their time. We looked at the clock, not even 9am yet, ‘Is is too early for a beer?’, which wasn’t too much of a difficult question, it was the day before Christmas Eve, So we got some beers in, and the tunes on the go with our portable speakers n’ ipod.

The girls found us a great place, in a quiet alley just back from the beach, after a few rounds of beer and the day heating up, we were just about ready for crashing out on the beach. The sea was lovely and the weather great, beautiful blue skies, the beach long and wide. We hadn’t been on the beach for ages and we’d all been longing for it! What a place to spend Christmas!

We met some girls from Lichfield who were handing out flyers for a night at The Sailing Club on the beach.

That night, we went to ___ which served great food, including one of the best Pho, Noodle Soup served with side plates of lime, chilli, green leaves and bamboo shoots, washed down with Vietnamese White Wine from Dalat. We had some Bia Hoi at a bar nearby then headed back to the Hotel. Someone mentioned, something about having a quiet night and saving ourselves for Christmas Eve tomorrow. We had a beer on Jamie and Ellie’s balcony, but Jamie and I had now got our second wind and fancied going out.

We took the tunes and headed to the café we went were at that morning. The guy was pleased to see us again, welcoming us and joining us for beers. With the tunes blasting out we soon attracted a few passers by. We had the ipod covered by Jamie’s Hat, we asked “any requests for ‘The Hat’ ”. The Hat Club was born. A Canadian couple, joined us buying a bottle of local rum for the table, he was a little crazy and was going on about Charles Manson for some reason, his partner/ wife looked a little worried. Some young Ozzie lads joined us along with a gang of Vietnamese girlfriends, the girls asked for Michael Jackson, and ‘dancey funky, disco stuff’, The Hat Club delivered. ‘Be careful I might steal this music, I like it’ one girl said, only half joking.
We headed home sometime after sunrise.

Jamie was quite good at avoiding the Ice that was going into the Rum cocktails, I less so. The ice was crushed from huge blocks which had been driven around the stinky streets of Nha Trang, uncovered on bikes, the water was probably not the best to start with, then could have picked up all sorts en-route. The next evening I felt terrible. I went back to the Hotel around 9pm, and spent Christmas Eve watching ‘Kylie – Showgirl homecoming tour’ on the TV between runs to the loo. Kaz, Jamie and Ellie went to the ‘Sailing Club’ and ‘Why Not Bar’ but weren’t too impressed. They said it also got a bit sketchy on the streets, where groups of girls were preying on pissed up tourists, getting close n flirty then pinching their wallets … Gangs of guys were close at hand to step in, should there be any trouble or fights. Kaz spotted some guys getting tapped and warned them, which didn’t amuse the girl who booted Kaz up the bum.

So perhaps a night in with Kylie wasn’t too bad.

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