Friday, January 18, 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi streets, originally uploaded by Nice Logo.

In Hanoi we couldn’t get enough off the Bia Hoi ! Which must be some of the cheapest beer on the planet! from 2,500 Dong (8p) a glass. It is fresh un-pasturised beer, straight from the brewery and should be drunk within 24 hours. Beer Hoi bars are mostly low key affairs with people sitting outside on the street crowd on plastic chairs. Many are on busy road junctions for the full Hanoi bustling atmosphere, with throngs of people, traders and mopeds whizzing by. Some of the larger places, with tables, served great food too.

We also went to see the Water Puppet Theatre which is famous in North Vietnam and generally minced about the atmospheric old town and around Hoan Kiem Lake.


Bia Hoi -
Water Puppet -

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